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  1. Something Ventured, Nothing Gained?

    If you feel the urge to pour your money into a venture-capital-backed, high-tech startup, you might first consider whether you’re better off playing a corner bet in roulette. The Wall Street Journal reported recently on research by a senior ...
    Date2012.11.22 Views8014 file
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  2. What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

    Recent selections from around the web that, we think, would have caught Peter Drucker’s eye: 1. More Direct Reports Make Life Easier: How many direct reports should you take on? Traditionally, the accepted range among most professionals has ...
    Date2012.11.22 Views6373 file
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  3. If Self-Management Is Such a Great Idea, Why Aren’t More Companies Doing It?

    In his latest column for Forbes online, Drucker Institute Executive Director Rick Wartzman writes about a recent visit to Morning Star, a tomato producer and processor described by Harvard Business Review as “the world’s most creatively mana...
    Date2012.11.22 Views4825 file
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  4. Eight is Enough

    Peter Drucker may not have been quite this rigid, but he would have been close. “We want to cut to the chase,” writes Kevin Starr in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, “and the tool that works for us is the eight-word mission statement.”...
    Date2012.11.22 Views3675 file
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  5. Regarding the 47 Percent

    Who’s a maker and who’s a taker? That’s been the discussion of the week following the release of a video clip of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who told supporters that 47% of Americans would be voting for Barack Obama no mat...
    Date2012.11.22 Views6639 file
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  6. Why Eric Holder, Despite an Inspector General Report Clearing Him in the “Fast and Furious” Investigation, Still Failed the Test of Leadership

    “Captains are responsible for what happens on their watches.” — Peter F. Drucker, 1976
    Date2012.11.22 Views4791 file
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  7. There’s No Place Like Home

    Do it yourself, Home Depot said to Chinese customers. Go ___ yourself, said Chinese customers to Home Depot. Several years ago, when Home Depot set up 12 stores in China, it had high hopes of winning over Chinese to the joys of hands-on home...
    Date2012.11.22 Views4627 file
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  8. What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

    Recent selections from around the web that, we think, would have caught Peter Drucker’s eye: 1. Phasing Out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Is It Being Done Responsibly? Not many of us have warm feelings for Freddie or Fannie, but they’ve been a...
    Date2012.11.22 Views4469 file
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  9. Joe’s Journal: On Learning How to Learn

    “Managing oneself is a REVOLUTION in human affairs. It requires new and unprecedented things from the individual, and especially from the knowledge worker. For, in effect, it demands that each knowledge worker think and behave as a chief ex...
    Date2012.11.22 Views5222 file
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  10. Competitive Edge

    Forget the recession. At least for a moment. According to Harvard Magazine, the “real problem, obscured by this acute, cyclical downturn, may be a long-term erosion of competitiveness in a more challenging global economic era.” The United St...
    Date2012.11.22 Views3898 file
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