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: (Mon Jun 14, 2021)




Welcome to our website.

I am Moon Kook Hyun, president of New Paradigm Institues.


Now, the new paradigm management model is expanding its power across the world
including US and China. But Korea is not going forward enough in adoption of this new
paradigm as it tends to easily give up when it is not satisfied fast enough. If New Paradigm
Center project which had been led by Korean Government in the past Korean administration
became a national standard, Korea would have many companies with more efficiency and
productivity as well as more satisfied employees, thus Korea having excellent corporate

The new paradigm management is a virtuous cycle innovation model designed to enhance
the Korean companies’ competitiveness by reducing the working hours for workers and
removing excessive stress from them and then using the new time for training individual’s
capacity and thus enhancing the companies’ competitiveness. The core of new paradigm
is to harmonize the personnel investment, work and life rather than the obsolete paradigm
of physical labor and work centeredness.

Our New Paradigm Institute has given the management advisory services focusing on
management innovation and human centered creative management to many Chinese large
corporations so that they can create new competitiveness through the management
focusing on environment and social responsibility. We are also cooperating in the fields of
researches, education and other businesses with many research centers located in US
and Canadian universities

Our institute provides customers with
① management consulting services,
② management diagnosis and advices on creation of companies and innovation,
③ research services and management information supply services,
④ creation of education video, materials, publication and PR services related to
    companies, public and social institutions and
⑤ operation of forums for information exchange and training.
We are providing the customer specific consulting services based on the new paradigm
management, philosophy management and future management for social responsibility.

If Korean companies do not change their obsolete paradigm, they may be far behind other
foreign companies in competitiveness. If Korea is not ahead of other large countries with
huge population in perspective of knowledge, Korean economy and the economies around
the Korean peninsula will be in great trouble.
We have to immediately adopt the life learning system as was adopted by Yuhan Kimberly.
Northern European countries have adopted this system since 10 years ago.

In the global speed competition period, a lot of new technologies are incessantly
introduced and the demand from consumers is growing rapidly. If Korea does not wisely
cope with the trend in a fast way, there is no hope in Korea. We should help many young
and small venture companies to contact the life time learning system so that they can try
a lot of new experiments in a new way, not just in the conventional way.

Our New Paradigm Institute will make every effort with a sense of duty to make Korean
economy take leaps and bounds and help Korean companies conduct the philosophy
based management by using our international network.

Thank you.




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