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  1. The Best Laid Plans

    Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has a book suggestion for President Obama: The Best and the Brightest, David Halberstam’s classic account of the origins of the Vietnam War. Why? “Theories and grand ideas are important,” Powell explai...
    Date2012.07.05 Views1829 file
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  2. Competitive Advantage

    So, the Affordable Care Act will survive. In case you are coming out from a cave and your first stop is the Drucker Exchange (and if that’s the case, a warm welcome), what we’re talking about is the momentous Supreme Court decision yesterda...
    Date2012.07.05 Views2447
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  3. What President Obama Must Be Thinking About “Conservative” Chief Justice John Roberts

    “Appointment to the Supreme Court has time and again made model judges out of average politicians.” — Peter F. Drucker, 1946
    Date2012.07.05 Views2071 file
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  4. Archivist’s Pick: The Real Meaning of Mentoring

    This piece is the first of what will be monthly contributions to the Drucker Exchange by the Drucker Institute’s archivist, Bridget Lawlor. By drawing lessons from the vast treasure trove of papers and other objects that are collected in Pe...
    Date2012.07.05 Views2779 file
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  5. If I Had a Yammer

    Why didn’t we come up with Yammer? It’s a Facebook-style social networking tool for the workplace, and Microsoft just purchased it for $1.2 billion. (Guess it’s time to come up with something else Microsoft might buy.) The New York Times ca...
    Date2012.07.05 Views2817 file
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  6. What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

    Recent selections from around the web that, we think, would have caught Peter Drucker’s eye: 1. How to avoid being “netflixed”: 5 questions for Saul Kaplan: Dan Pink interviews “self-confessed innovation junkie” Saul Kaplan, who is out with...
    Date2012.07.02 Views4587 file
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  7. Joe’s Journal: Building Community Through the Social Sector

    “Civilizing the city will increasingly become top priority in all countries—and particularly in the developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. However, neither government nor business can provide the new co...
    Date2012.07.02 Views2634 file
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  8. A Stiff Sentence

    Are you and me learning proper grammar anymore? According to Sue Shellenbarger of The Wall Street Journal, chances are that, no, we’re not. “Managers are fighting an epidemic of grammar gaffes in the workplace,” she wrote recently, and this...
    Date2012.07.02 Views2573 file
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  9. Is It High Time for Higher Pay?

    The man who proved Karl Marx wrong was, according to Peter Drucker, American management expert Frederick Taylor. Taylor had the insight that factory workers could be made more productive through improvements in technology and management—rat...
    Date2012.07.02 Views2534 file
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  10. Although, When Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Buys 98% of Lanai, the Sixth-Largest Island in the Hawaiian Chain, Some Come Pretty Close

    “It is not a new observation, of course, that no man in society is an island.” — Peter F. Drucker, 1999
    Date2012.07.02 Views3872 file
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