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  1. Joe’s Journal: Genealogy of a Social Ecologist

    “Social ecology is not value free. If it is a science at all, it is a ‘moral science’ – to use an old term that has been out of fashion for two hundred years … The social ecologist believes, must believe, in the sanctity of spiritual creati...
    Date2012.08.01 Views4140 file
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  2. Ouch. That hurt. Let’s Try It Again.

    Taking it on the chin can leave you a bit battered and bruised. But if you handle it right, it can also help you learn. That’s a key insight from a Wall Street Journal excerpt of the new book What The Best College Students Do by Ken Bain. A...
    Date2012.07.24 Views2414 file
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  3. Who Really Built This Blog Post?

    As the U.S. presidential race nears the most intense period of campaigning, heated clashes between the camps of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are inevitable. We promise you that we won’t cover most of them. But this week’s flare-up touches on...
    Date2012.07.23 Views2615 file
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  4. Why Marissa Mayer’s To-Do List—1. Have a Baby 2. Rescue Yahoo—Should Probably Be Left At Current Length

    “I have never encountered an executive who remains effective while tackling more than two tasks at a time.” — Peter F. Drucker, 1967
    Date2012.07.23 Views2265 file
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  5. Permanently Temporary

    These days, businesses are relying on temps more than ever, according to The Wall Street Journal. “For some companies, the shift to part-time or temporary help may be a short-term response to an uncertain economic environment,” the Journal ...
    Date2012.07.23 Views2336 file
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  6. What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

    Recent selections from around the web that, we think, would have caught Peter Drucker’s eye: 1. Lack of Measurement of Social Business Initiatives a Key Issue: Many businesses make use of social media and consider it integral to their futur...
    Date2012.07.23 Views2378 file
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  7. Why Barclays Needed More Than a Jerkectomy

    In his latest column for Forbes online, Drucker Institute Executive Director Rick Wartzman looks at the “no jerks rule” implemented by Bob Diamond, the recently departed chief of Barclays PLC, the British bank that finds itself at the center...
    Date2012.07.23 Views2098 file
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  8. A Highly Effective Person

    One of world’s leaders on leadership died today at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, was 79. The book, published in 1989, achieved such success that the words “seven ...
    Date2012.07.23 Views1968 file
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  9. How Do You Manage a Bad Manager?

    No boss is perfect, but some are downright terrible. And if you’ve so far been able to avoid those, just you wait. “The question isn’t whether or not you’ll have a bad boss,” wrote John Beeson at the HBR blog. “Rather, it’s how you’ll respo...
    Date2012.07.15 Views3852 file
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  10. Shift Work

    A new episode of “Drucker on the Dial” is available today. Host Phalana Tiller talks with Jody Greenstone Miller, co-founder and CEO of Business Talent Group which specializes in matching companies with interim executives. We also hear a rar...
    Date2012.07.15 Views2168 file
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