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  1. Information Instigation

    You want information? IBM’s got information—for its customers, sure, but increasingly for its employees, as well. In an interview with MIT Sloan Management Review, Jeff Schick, vice president of social software for IBM, explains how his com...
    Date2012.07.02 Views2519 file
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  2. Corporate Balm for a Sick Society

    In his latest post for Forbes.com, Drucker Institute Executive Director Rick Wartzman explores three things that corporate executives should do to help the social sector. These ideas, Wartzman notes, stem from a speech delivered last week t...
    Date2012.07.02 Views2388 file
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  3. What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

    Recent selections from around the web that, we think, would have caught Peter Drucker’s eye: 1. Are CEOs Getting the Best From Corporate Functions?: Have you ever felt the HR and legal departments at your company were getting in the way of ...
    Date2012.07.02 Views6600 file
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  4. Getting to Know You

    Joining a fast-paced start-up can sure seem enticing. Who, after all, wouldn’t want to get in early and cash out big when the company goes public? But as Kelly Eggers at FINS Technology noted recently, going to work for this type of enterpr...
    Date2012.07.02 Views4450 file
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  5. Whose Right?

    Will the United States intervene in Syria? Will any other nation? Mitt Romney has criticized President Obama for not taking a more forceful approach toward the Syrian regime, which has been cracking down on protesters and rebels, leaving an...
    Date2012.07.02 Views4692 file
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  6. Something to Contemplate As Lance Armstrong, Seven-Time Tour de France Winner, Faces a New Round of Doping Charges

    “Men and women do not acquire exemption from ordinary rules of personal behavior because of their work.” — Peter F. Drucker, 1973
    Date2012.07.02 Views2428 file
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  7. Shared Sacrifice

    If you’re wondering how tough times have been for small business, the answer is: really tough. CNBC reported last week on some striking numbers from a new survey conducted by Citibank. Over the past few years, 69% of small-business owners h...
    Date2012.07.02 Views1961 file
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  8. What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading

    Recent selections from around the web that, we think, would have caught Peter Drucker’s eye: 1. The Coherent Conglomerate: If you’ve built up a conglomerate, congratulations on your empire, but, as Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi point ou...
    Date2012.07.02 Views2250 file
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  9. Joe’s Journal: On the Other Peter’s Principle

    “Why should people who, for 10 or 15 years, have been competent suddenly become incompetent? The reason in practically all cases I have seen, is that people continue in their new assignment to do what made them successful in the old assignm...
    Date2012.07.02 Views3327 file
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  10. Facing a Slowdown

    We don’t mean to pick on Facebook. Or maybe we do. Either way, given all the controversy surrounding the company’s initial public offering, Facebook merits some scrutiny. What caught our attention today was a Wall Street Journal article poi...
    Date2012.07.02 Views2867 file
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